Women's Ministries of the Moravian Church Northern  Province 
About Moravian Women
The Moravian Women's organization has been a valued ministry for many years: 

1. To encourage the organization and strengthening of Moravian Women in the regions, in the areas and in the local churches of the Province.
2. To cooperate in matters of mutual interest with the organizations for women's work in other Provinces of the Moravian Church at home and abroad.
3. To represent the women of the Northern Province in denominational and 
  interdenominational activities.
4. To encourage all women to participate in the programs of the local congregations and the church at large.
Pat Baldwin, Connie Ray, Evadne Morrison-Taylor, Linda Rabbach, Marty Karow, Nancy Gibbs and kneeling is Rev Nasal Ephraim
Moravian Shawl
Moravian Shawl